We support companies within the converting industry with cutting-edge products. Our goal is to make the converting experience much easier for you.

Our Mission

At Converting Solutions Group, we believe in honesty and integrity. We will only represent products that we believe in, products that are proven good quality. We want to deal with companies who do not compromise on morals or integrity but offer the best they can to the industry they serve. Our list of companies that we represent will grow in the coming year.

Who We Work With

We represent some of the top companies in the converting industry. The experience we have will help die makers with problems. We will also have solutions for Die Cutters as well. We aim to help the lines of communication in the converting industry to help companies find solutions faster. This will come not only from the products we sell but from the technical information that is available in the industry. We have many contacts that help us get you a fast reliable answer to your converting problems.

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