Joe McDowell

Joe McDowell – Founder

Converting Solutions Group (CSG) Is a company founded on the idea that there is a solution for every problem. We are not magicians; we do not perform hocus pocus. We are a company who believes in the why’s of everything. Since I started in the converting industry in 1990, I was blessed enough to find many great teachers who were not just willing to show me how but would also show me why something was done how it was done. I don’t like to just know how, that does nothing for understanding it simply shows you something working. There were many patient people along the way who took their time to answer the questions. I wanted to be sponge and absorb as much as I could.

Why I Founded CSG

I founded this company on the fact that knowing how something works is good but what happens when things go wrong, and they will? When things go wrong and you don’t understand why things were working, you’ll never understand what you need to do to get them back to working again until you understand why they were working!

Converting Solutions Group is a technical sales-based company. The main premise of this company is to support companies within the converting industry with products represented by Converting Solutions Group. However, we realize that not everything we represent will be the answer to your problems. We realize we will not have the knowledge to give every answer needed. This is where we excel! We are not afraid to introduce you to people and companies that can provide you with solutions. 

We want to open the converting industry up so everyone can learn why things work as they do.  We may not be able to convey proprietary information, but those situations are rare. Give us a call, shoot us an e mail or a text and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

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