Press Cleaning Services

Do any of the images below look like your press?  If it is not the clean pictures, call me! 

A dirty press can cost you tens or hundreds of thousand of dollars a year!  Rust can get on the back of your plate and cause your operators hours to chase the rust as it breaks off and moves behind the plate. The back of the cutting plate, the back of the compensation plate, the thin plate and even the Resocell needs to be cleaned. The beds of the press all need cleaned.

Then, to make the press run correctly, you should have your press patch leveled. A good press cleaning can and will save you the time and money and only take a couple of hours to do. We clean presses and patch level them to make them run the best they can. 

We recommend cleaning every 6 months. Cleaning can be done yearly provided you do not get a lot of moisture in the press. We will teach you how to patch level after we do it the first time. 

Why waste money on down time, patching up, etc. when you should be running and making money? Send us a message to discuss how we can increase your productivity with a clean and level press and when we can get a tech in your area.

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