Soft Cut™ System. ZERO MAKE-READY

Designed to make your make ready disappear. Yes, that’s right Zero Make-Ready! What is this system?

A segmented magnetically mounted rotatable, repositionable, non-metallic cutting surface for clamshell platen presses, that prolongs tooling integrity, reduces tonnage, force to cut, eliminates angel hair, reduces sound, decibel level, and expands cutting rule profile options to die cut materials typically not possible with steel-to-steel traditional cutting. The perimeter boundaries of the cutting surfaces can be linear. Available in 2 hardness’s for a variety of substrates to be cut.  Talk to us about the Crest Clam Shell line of presses!

Check out the video (the video shows a system using a magnet with metal backed pads, we also sell them with the magnet already mounted)


Pricing varies by press size (kits are coming soon). Call or contact us today for pricing!




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