Zero Mat

The Zero Mat reduces and eliminates the need for cutting make ready. This mat comes in 2 thicknesses: 0.3 and 0.5mm.

The 0.3 would be the one to go between the thin plate and the compensation plate.  These are generally clean and patch level presses. If your press is close to level these mats can eliminate your hours of make ready.

If you need your press cleaned and patch leveled call us for information .

The 0.5mm mats are usually used on the older presses. This mat goes under the compensation plate or the regular cutting plate.  The two mats are not used together! They are for separate applications.

The 0.3mm mat is used on the 40” format presses where the 0.5mm mat can go up to the 164 format.

The mats are cut to the shape of the press thin plate being used.  The 0.3mm mat which goes between the compensation plate and the thin plate, is laid down on the compensation plate and the thin plate is bolted on top. The press pressure should be turned to zero pressure so as not to ruin the die on the first strike since we just put a .012” mat under the thin plate. So, pressure must be reduced. Once the counter is aligned (thin plate, matrix/phenolic) we start to bring the cutting pressure up and check the amount of cut on each strike. We do this until the cut is 100% then we start running our job.  The make ready sheet is still placed behind the die. This is in case the die cannot be taken to 100% due to swaging of the rule in a hair pin type bend.

Time is money and make ready is wasted time – let’s work together to eliminate it.

Shipping is not included in final price. Please call (304) 901-3878 or contact us online for final pricing prior to making an online purchase.


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